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Following Directions – This is a fun app with rewards after 10 practices. It is free (Levels: Low/Medium/High) and targets the following:

  • Basic Directions         

  • Sequential Directions

  • Quantitative and Special Directions

  • Temporal Directions

  • Conditional Directions

Hear Builder Following Directions

Zooming on Tablet

Following Directions – This app is very interactive, and the possibilities are endless! Adults can provide verbal directions like “turn on the tv” or “give the apple to the baby” and the child will be able to implement it on the app.

My Play Home Lite

Computer Class

This website has great resources to support receptive language skills.

Speech and Language Kids

Receptive Materials: Testimonials

Under $10

Receptive Materials: Testimonials
Clicking on a Tablet

Vocabulary Development: Curious About Me is an interactive story-building app that celebrates your child’s imagination and individuality. You can introduce new words and ask questions about your child as you play the game. Example: “do you want to color the butterfly or fish first?”

Curious Me - $2.99

Mother and Daughter

Vocabulary Development: Dr. Seuss classic “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish” comes to life with playful interactivity, delightful animations and fun activities! Explore new vocabulary by tapping words and pictures.

1 Fish 2 Fish - $5.99

Family with Tablet

These are materials made by teachers for teachers. Some are paid materials, and some are free! Endless amounts of worksheets, games, cards, etc. available. Take your time and look through what they have!


Example: Type "receptive language" in the Teachers Pay Teachers search bar. Scroll down and on the left-hand side, click "Under $5" or "$5-$10" under Prices.

Teachers Pay Teachers - <$10

Over $10

Receptive Materials: Testimonials
Clicking on a Tablet

This is a magnetic board activity that targets a ton of language and listening skills. Best of all, the barrier game format is perfect for following directions, giving directions, storytelling, improving, and vocabulary. Your child will have a blast going camping, swimming through the ocean, and traveling to outer space while learning to listen and use language effectively. The kit includes a reproducible workbook to make homework and group activities a breeze. It targets:

  • Following directions

  • Deductive reasoning

  • Giving directions

  • Vocabulary

  • Auditory memory

  • Storytelling

  • Basic concepts

  • Categorization

  • Rhyming

  • Listening

MagneTalk® Match-up Adventure Kit - $84.94

Child Playing

Reading Comprehension Camp is a multi-purpose app specifically designed to encourage language growth and reading comprehension. With multiple levels, 50 stories, and the ability to create personal stories this comprehensive app is perfect for students struggling with comprehension.

Reading Comprehension Camp - $19.99

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